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2010 Nissan Murano / Back-up camera stopped working. Screen still shows "check surroundings....."
Asked by Ruth, 3 weeks ago
2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible / Dashboard lights do not illuminate
Asked by KWBOY, 1 month ago
2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible / Fuel gage does not register correct amount of fuel in tank
Asked by KWBOY, 1 month ago
I filled it up but gage only shows less than 3/4 full.
2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible / Cruise control only works at certain speeds
Asked by KWBOY, 1 month ago
2016 Jeep Cherokee / Does not recognize remote
Asked by David R, 1 month ago
2018 BMW 3 Series / How about BMW vs Benz
Asked by He Y, 1 month ago
2015 Volkswagen Passat / Battery drain. car wont start
Asked by Julie, 2 months ago
Battery drain. Jumped & was fine for a day. Something drawing on battery but dont know what. Had battery & alternator tested - all good. Pulled fuses, but don't have diagram to know whats what. Now car wont start or even crank, although lights & radi...
2008 Mazda MAZDA3 / Why does the car stall and then the green oil lamp display comes on
Asked by Therese L, 2 months ago
2005 Ford Five Hundred / Cuando puedo cambiar aceite de trnmision y que aceite usar
Asked by Rogelio J, 2 months ago
2015 KIA Optima Hybrid / How do you change the passenger side headlight bulb
Asked by Glen C, 2 months ago
Seems impossible to get around tubing to get inside the unit
2012 Mazda MAZDA3 / Does my vehicle have cruise control?
Asked by Jennifer, 2 months ago
2018 Fiat 500X / Start-and-Stop mode
Asked by Stephen M, 2 months ago
2018 FIAT X Lounge: Is it possible to disable the needless Start-and-Stop mode? Or, do you need to press the "A" button every time.
2012 Volkswagen Tiguan / Can I move from playing one CD to another without having to eject the CD that is playing
Asked by Terry M, 2 months ago
I have only had this Car for 3 days now and because I am old I find the Manul very hard to understand
2007 Dodge Caravan / Does the car have air conditioning, how to turn it on
Asked by Al M, 3 months ago
How to turn on the back window wiper
2000 Lexus ES 300 / What does service reminder trac off saying
Asked by Virginia W, 3 months ago
2014 KIA Sportage / Radio issues
Asked by Gill, 3 months ago
Fixed non working steering wheel buttons by finding the plug which had come loose behind the passenger dash. Now the radio is alive but cannot find any stations. I could do with some help please.
2013 Hyundai Elantra / Is it true that you have to change the timing belt at a certain mileage.
Asked by Beverly, 3 months ago
2002 Toyota Prius / The small battery that starts the car. what if someone charges it over nite with out removing the terminal cables.Does it mess up electrical and burn fuses
Asked by Judy E, 3 months ago
2018 Subaru Outback / Can you clear all the pre-sets in the radio?
Asked by De Bora, 3 months ago
I don't want to reuse the set station. I want to wipe clear the ALL pre-sets.

Thank you!
2018 Toyota Camry / Did anyone figure out how to disable the seatbelt alarm?
Asked by Bob, 4 months ago
I just want to know how I can do it myself.
2000 Ford Windstar / The passenger window is not coming down
Asked by Lisa V, 4 months ago
The passenger window is not coming down. It was working the other day and now its not. do you think that it could be the fuse?
2013 Toyota Venza / How to turn OFF the passenger side air bag on a 2013 Venza?
Asked by How to turn off the passenger air bag on a 2013 Toyota Venza, 4 months ago
2013 Hyundai i20 / Park lights do not come on
Asked by Desmond W, 4 months ago
2014 Ford F-150 / Best replacement headlight bulb for F150
Asked by David T, 4 months ago
2006 Honda Airwave / English manual
Asked by Ray E, 4 months ago
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