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2018 Toyota Camry / Did anyone figure out how to disable the seatbelt alarm?
Asked by Bob, 3 days ago
I just want to know how I can do it myself.
2000 Ford Windstar / The passenger window is not coming down
Asked by Lisa V, 1 week ago
The passenger window is not coming down. It was working the other day and now its not. do you think that it could be the fuse?
2013 Toyota Venza / How to turn OFF the passenger side air bag on a 2013 Venza?
Asked by How to turn off the passenger air bag on a 2013 Toyota Venza, 2 weeks ago
2013 Hyundai i20 / Park lights do not come on
Asked by Desmond W, 2 weeks ago
2014 Ford F-150 / Best replacement headlight bulb for F150
Asked by David T, 2 weeks ago
2006 Honda Airwave / English manual
Asked by Ray E, 3 weeks ago
2005 Chrysler 300C / Location of horn relay. Horn fuse is good. How to ensure relay is OK?
Asked by Joe, 3 weeks ago
2018 Audi A5 / Where do you store the owners manual? I cannot get it to fit in the compartment to the left of the steering wheel
Asked by Keri T, 3 weeks ago
2008 Lexus RX 400h / Light on dash RML?
Asked by Edward M, 3 weeks ago
2008 Lexus RX 400h / Dash showsgear and battery Why?
Asked by Edward M, 3 weeks ago
2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser / I just bought a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser two weeks ago
Asked by J_R G, 1 month ago
IN Those two weeks, all of the electrical lighting system appeared to be just fine.
She has 99,960 miles young under her belt
The car had a slightly hard start, then the odometer read G A T E
I've never seen this before
What is the G A T E ?
2018 KIA Sportage / DCT
Asked by Bob, 1 month ago
The car only has just over 250 kms on it, but I have noticed that at a complete stop on a slight incline the car "rolls back" a little when you take the foot off the brake and going to accelerate. Is this normal for DCT's?
2012 Hyundai Elantra / Should I keep using normal oil when I go change it or should I use synthetic?
Asked by Peter M, 1 month ago
I have a 2012 Elantra and need to do my 7th oil change. I recently started rideshare driving (Uber) and so am putting a few extra miles on the car. A lot of stops and go highway driving, etc. My question is should I keep using normal oil when I go ch...
2016 BMW 3 Series / Wheel Bearing Brands
Asked by Mike P, 1 month ago
I think it is time to change my bearings. I hear a humming noise which is speed dependent. I’ve thrown my car into neutral while coasting and the sound remains. I can’t imagine my run flats sounding that bad, but I do plan on changing those as well....
2016 Hyundai Sonata / I couldn't find anywhere its cubic capacity
Asked by Mason R, 1 month ago
Saw on some blogs, forums like sonata got many types of engines (1.6, 2.0, 2.0T, etc). How can I identify the correct cubic capacity of my car?
2016 Hyundai Tucson / TPMS Sensors
Asked by Ben, 1 month ago
I'm looking for some used winter beaters/rims for my Tucson, but most are without TPMS sensors. Can I just purchase any "cheap" TPMS sensor from amazon or ebay, and get them mounted with the new tires?
2015 Hyundai Accent / My first oil change
Asked by John W, 1 month ago
Well, it is really the 2nd but the dealer did the 1st. The car is 2015, any tips or tricks (where to put the jack, easiest way to get to drain plug)?

Any help appreciated. I want this to go fast and easy, Thanks.
2017 Acura ILX / Is 28,300 a good price for ILX 2017?
Asked by Mike B, 1 month ago
I plan to replace my old Corolla with ILX 2017. I inquired around the local dealers and the lowest price I got is 28,300. However, I found that some people in Cleveland get better deals(the lowest deal is 27,000). Please give me some suggestions....
2016 Lexus ES 350 / Tires for my 2016 es350
Asked by Robert, 1 month ago
I just go 2018 18" wheels for my 2016 es350 that came with 17" wheels. Any recommendations for the quietest riding tires?
2017 Hyundai Elantra / Replacing the door speakers
Asked by James, 1 month ago
I'd like to start with replacing the door speakers in my Elantra. I'm comfortable with the head unit, and I'd like to start with the doors and maybe replace the rears later on. The current speakers aren't too bad, but they can be better.
2016 Hyundai Santa Fe / Is anyone else annoyed by the operation of the sunroof/sunshade?
Asked by Liam, 1 month ago
It appears that they intended for each to work independently of one another because there are two separate buttons on the overhead console. One strictly controls the sunshade, but when you use the other button to close the sunroof, the canopy automat...
2015 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe / Strange wind noises
Asked by Bill F, 1 month ago
I've been noticing some strange wind noises at speeds in excess over 80mph. Isn't always continuous but it is there and gets worse as I drive up to 90mph.

Looked around the outside of the vehicle and I can't see anything loose except for possibly...
2017 KIA Sorento / Turning AC off in defrost
Asked by Jacob H, 1 month ago
How can I turn AC off when I use the defrost mode.
2017 BMW 5 Series / Map and nav not loading, what should i do?
Asked by John B, 1 month ago
Today the screen went blank 2 or 3 times within 15 minutes. Now the map and nav not loading and it has lost all my settings.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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